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Locks of Love September 10, 2008

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Abbie has been growing her hair long for about 4 years now. She was very adamant in stating she would NOT cut her luscious locks. Even when I spoke of donating her hair to Locks of Love – NO was the answer.. alrighty then!!!  She wanted it down to her waist… Now, long hair causes some trouble, it is easily knotted and hard to brush through.  It takes longer to wash (and rinse) and can apparently become a nuisance when you’re playing softball – but still she was not going to waiver…

Then suddenly something changed and she approached me with a whisper “mama, i have to tell you a secret – but you CAN’T tell ANYONE…….(i nodded)..I want to cut my hair..”  REALLY?? I was extremely shocked. She went on to tell me she wanted it to her shoulders.  I told her to think about it and we’d discuss it again in a few days.  Well a few days passed and she still wanted to “take the plunge” and cut it.  So, I told her that it was fine, as long as she didn’t want a mo-hawk, to dye it green or shave her head, I’d allow it.  She excitedly got her hair all wet and came into the kitchen. I’m ready she said.  I tentatively picked up the scissors. “Are you sure,” I asked – “because once I cut it, you can’t tape it or glue it back”  YES she replied…. so here we go. 

It’s amazing how quickly a child’s face can go from young to…well, not so much.  The hair was not just something that she coveted, but it was indeed a symbol of her youth.  Cutting meant she was growing up and not a little girl any more.  I suppose it never occurred to me just how much her hair meant to ME… now, I didn’t cry, I was okay, but as I cut it I wondered what was next, want changes would her turning 10 in January bring.  We finished and she bounced into the bathroom and shrieked “I LOVE IT – IT’S JUST WHAT I WANTED”  (score one for mom)  I’m glad the little things in life can make her happy, she still has hair, it’s long enough to pull int a pony tail, she can now brush it on her own (but she still comes to me! yea me!!) – and if she doesn’t like it, it’s only hair, it will grow back, right?

You’re growing up before my eyes little one… but here for your enjoyment, and for me to forever remember –  here are the many faces of Abbie.