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IDENTITY THEFT December 12, 2008

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i stole this off of Christa Taylor’s blog – really something to think about….

Be A Chef

If I cook great dishes, make them into literal works of art as I work them up in a commercial kitchen, and serve them to people I’ve never met, or will ever meet again, I am called a chef, an artist!

But, if I cook those same dishes for the ones I love most and I nourish my family in the realm of my fathers home, it is said that I am wasting my talent.

Be a CPA

If I go to school for years, become a CPA, and manage books for other people that I have absolutely no ties with; I’m a career woman, I’m independent, I am a woman of the twenty first century!!!!

But if I, after years of studying, keep my dad’s books, I am then wasting MY life, all that training down the drain!

Be a Childcare Professional

If I take care of a other people’s children, I become their nanny, I am then a childcare professional, I am valuable and important!!!

But, if I take care of and nurture children GOD gives me, then I am old-fashion. I am repressed by a sexist society of dominate males! I am told I am wasting my life!

Be a Cleaning Professional

If I care for rooms, homes or offices that belongs to strangers; I’m a housekeeper, a cleaning professional.

But, if I remove dust bunnies out of my own home and make it clean and orderly for my family; It is thought that I am a house wife and am wasting my life with coupons and soap operas! (who has time for soap operas???)

What is the difference between the examples above? Why is nanny-hood OK, but motherhood frowned upon? Why is professional respected and domestic criticized? Why is going through a secular college an assumed event in every high school graduate’s life, but simply learning at home and continuing education in many mediums highly disregarded?

Ironic isn’t it?


It is our duty and delight to shine forth as examples of true-womanhood in action. Many of you are exemplary women who have utilized societies tools (college, career etc) to great advantage without being taken advantage of, or losing your foundation.

Any stories you care to share?


80 Years Young November 21, 2008

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In 1928 the world became a little better place, welcoming into it a baby girl….Ruth. In the small Ohio town of Fremont, she was welcomed into a family as a daughter, and though she was adopted, she was treated as one of their flesh and blood.  She would grow and eventually marry a charming young farmer, Charles, some 10 years her senior.  Her life story wraps around many decades, through many trials, heartaches, happiness and love, 6 children, and pig farm.  It began the story of my life, Ruth being my grandmother.  This month she turned 80 years young.  Her story is one that captivates me, as her strength and determination is one to mimic and respect. 

Growing up, I recall many days visiting  Grandma Ruth at the pickle plant where she worked for a time…munching on crunchy dill pickles…and the smell of the tomato plant she worked at for a time.  Going to the local Apple festival with her, and going to the mall and having lunch in the cafeteria – carrying the tray to the table with such admiration that I was eating there with her.  Trips to McDonald’s with her and Lizzy, a friend of hers.  Riding the bus when she started working at the Senior Center, driving for Meals on Wheels, and having lunch with all the senior citizens.  I love my grandma Ruth.  She never spoiled me with lavish gifts or large amounts of cash, but she spoiled me in love and taught me to love others.  As a child, I idolized my grandpa Charles.  Following him around whenever we were at the farm.  When I was 11, my grandpa passed away one cold December day.  Grandma Ruth lost her best friend of so many years but never wavered and picked up the pieces, took up the rope that was dropped and kept going.  Even now she can be seen on cold winter days in her snowsuit and cap, helping uncle Dave grind feed for the pigs.  She is a woman of unfaltering strength, she teaches that you are never too good to work – that a job brings respect, no matter the title.  I have watched her in my 30 plus years of life age and change, but have never been so proud of her before in my life.  I love her, and cannot thank God enough that so many years ago, he set a plan in motion that would place me in her family. 

This week, she participated in Senior Day at the local Senior Center that she worked for, for so many years.  I thought I’d share a picture of her.  It shows her silly side. 


Happy Birthday Grandma. I love you.grandma-ruth-senior-day-2008


the people have spoken November 5, 2008

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I sat glued to the TV like most all of America last night, but in my heart, I already knew what the outcome would be.  America had long decided that they were “ready for a change” and believed this change would come from this man, Obama.   Finally, sensing defeat, I went to bed.  I wasn’t sure of McCain either, but was extremely opposed to Obamas character and policy.  However, today as I sit here reading the news and sensing that America is simply thrilled with it choice, one that I believe could bring about the fall of this great nation, I rest in the fact that God is, has been and will continue to be in control.  John McCain was no more the saviour of this nation than his opponent, nor was he the ideal candidate.  So today, I propose we elect God to be in control, to take that control and be Commander in Chief of our life.  Stop fretting about who gets into the White House, man is man, and will do as man wants, so as long as a human is in power, there will be corruption, sin, and unjust. 

Rest assured our faith will soon become a reality and God will soon show everyone exactly who is in power.  

As I prayed with Abbie last night before she went to sleep, she fervently prayed that John McCain would win, afterwards, I told her, Abs we need to pray for Gods will, because whatever happens, is what God wants…. we have to trust in him and what he sees is best for us and this country, no matter who. bald_eagle_head_and_american_flag1

there is a story in the Bible where the children of Israel want a king, they pleaded for king, they HAD to have a king.  They got their king and with it all the problems, and it was the beginning of the end. But the people had spoken and God allowed it. 

I wonder what the people will be saying this time next year?

John Adams

Second President

“It is weakness rather than wickedness which renders men unfit to be trusted with unlimited power.”


While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,
Let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free,
Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,
As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer. ”

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.