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Random Thoughts and quotes… November 24, 2008

Please pray for Venezuela…..
 Fox News 11-24-08CARACAS, Venezuela —  President Hugo Chavez’s allies won a strong majority in Venezuela’s local elections, but the socialist leader’s opponents made important gains, capturing the Caracas mayor’s office and two of the most populous states.


Chavez trumpeted his party’s domination of Sunday’s vote as “a sign” for him to continue driving Venezuela toward “21st-century socialism.” With more than 95 percent of votes counted, pro-Chavez candidates held on to gubernatorial posts in 17 states, while the opposition won five states.


 I’m an avid reader… thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs, web pages and books here.

Please feel free to leave your comments about the book, or page, as well as your favorites!!!



this is fantastic!!!! you can see what books i love!!!  Create a free account, then you can look at what your friends are reading!!

 my user name is cgodzwa

 Currently I am reading – Having a Mary heart in a Martha World…   this is a must read for any lady…

Another must read — The Last Lecture, by Randy Pasuch – diagnosed with cancer and given 3-6 months to live, this true life story depicts what legacy he wishes to leave behind to his children… a very inspiring story.




Web pages:  You have to read this blog, written by a woman in her early 20’s that has a zeal and perspective in life that most of us lack.  She has a burning desire to live a modest, pure life for the Lord…  You need to check out the blog – Vision news, from Pastor Austin Gardner – he has a love for missions that is unmatched by anyone in our lifetime.  You will never be lacking when you read his material!!! –an online Bible, abilities to search by passage, key word and more, also has many commentaries, and various languages.  I do my devotions on here every day!!! — a clothing store for Christian ladies that want to be modest yet stylish… she is also the author of the blog Empowered Tradionalist.. –as a mom of a budding young lady, I am always on the search for help and guidance, this has been a great resource and always has great info for me to use with Abbie.

“The people are telling me: ‘Chavez continue down the same road,”‘ said Chavez, hinting that he has not abandoned plans for constitutional changes that would expand his powers, push the economy toward socialism and allow him run for re-election indefinitely.

Voters rejected the president’s proposed overhaul of the constitution last year.


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