the life and times of the godzwa family

pull up a comfy chair and enjoy getting to know our family better…..

Why I do what I do….. February 18, 2008

Anything and everything you want to know, and some things you probably didn’t about our family

Sit back and enjoy getting to know us a little better, see pictures of the kids and learn what life is like around our neck of the woods….
This is my virtual shrine to the two most amazing children in the world….
Josh is in 7th grade, an aspiring FBI agent, he’s a trumpet player and math whiz.
Abbie is in 5th grade, a up and coming fashion DIVA and designer… she sings, laughs and loves ~she’s the resident genius.
Meet the parents:
Tony and I have been married 14 years, we currently live in North GA. We’re both employed as Probation Officers oddly enough.  but that is a post for another day…..

One Response to “Why I do what I do…..”

  1. Alice Smith Says:

    Hi guys…

    I was thinking about your family and thought I would drop a line and say hello and how are you guys doing?

    Drop me a line some time!


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