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good morning sunshine :))) November 12, 2009

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Good morning, Sir. I’m so sorry to disturb you but it appears to be morning. Very inconvenient I agree, sir. I believe it is the rotation of the earth which is to blame, sir…


Yeah thats not me……. I’m a morning person by nature.. I’m feet hit the ground and I’m so excited (most of the time) to get my day going.. I”m full speed ahead, hit the shower and lets go!!!!!!!!!   I’m that perky annoying person that smiles when they walk in the office door at 8am.. coffee in hand while everyone else can barely see through their crusty eyelids…


My kids however………… are not..   Months and years of training has helped but every now and again.. they just do NOT want to get up when I turn on the light and say, alright guys time for school.. its not enough when I go over to the bed and gently tug on their shoulders……its not enough when I rub their backs and say, come on.. time to get up….

So.. at one time  I was very very evil and used water.  and WOW did that ever work, but yeah, kids were a bit angry for the rest of the morning.. so now, I’ve enlisted the help of the youngest family member.. and the most annoying……. supersedes me by far.. Kinsey

She eagerly awaits me at their doors as I say, Kinsey, lets get Abbie up!!! She runs in as I open the door. immediately jumps on the bed and ducks under the covers, and PULLS THEM DOWN from off of Abbie’s warm and toasty lil body!!!! Once that is accomplished and a lick of the ear.. she’s off to Joshs room where she likes to stand on top of him and lick him to death…. its GREAT!!!! Kids giggle and laugh.. occasionally I hear KINSEY GET OOOFFFFF me.. but the overall effect is a pleasant one..

Now I promise, if you come over, I will not send Kinsey in to wake you.. unless your cranky and then.. I’m sorry.. its game on..


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