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by the master herself…………… November 13, 2009

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The Art of Talking

By: Abbie Godzwa

       Have you ever not talked for at least one to two hours? Well I have not that is why I chose talking as my subject. If you like to talk or learn about talking this is something for you. Read on for more details about talking. Warning symptoms may appear such as talking very fast, talking non-stop, or talking loudly.

            Talking helps you in your life everyday and here are just a few ways it does. First of all it is helping me talk to you. Next it helps in school so you can learn, even though some of it is listening as well.  Also it helps in jobs, for example if your boss asked you to go somewhere but your daughter’s birthday party was on that day, you would need to explain to him you couldn’t which is talking. Next there is acting; you have to say something in acting it would be part of your job description. Lastly there are bad situations. For example, if your friend gets mad at you but you don’t know why, you need to talk it out instead of being silent.

            There are also different types of communication. Such as sign-language, it helps deaf people that cannot hear. Web-cams are another way to communicate because you talk but can talk to people across the world if you want to. Texting is probably the biggest and my absolute favorite, when you text you can talk to each other but it is just like a short letter. Most people communicate by talking on the phone, which is like talking but you are not face to face. These are just a few of some different ways to talk.

            There are a bunch of different languages to talk in is well. Such as Spanish, English, French, and Chinese. You can learn a whole lot more from people, books, and more. It is a good thing to speak a lot of different languages. Because what if you go to Mexico and cannot speak Spanish it will be very hard for you. Imagine you going on a business trip and someone could notice you, and could be giving you directions to the hotel then you would not understand them that would be devastating.

            Always remember that someday another person is going to come up with a more advanced way to talk. I mean look back in 1880 there were no telephones. But as a few years passed BAM!!! There were telephones everywhere. Now there is a new generation and there are web-cams and many other things. Like I told you someday someone else will come along with a new invention HEY they might even come up with it tomorrow. Thank you very much for listening to my speech about talking.




good morning sunshine :))) November 12, 2009

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Good morning, Sir. I’m so sorry to disturb you but it appears to be morning. Very inconvenient I agree, sir. I believe it is the rotation of the earth which is to blame, sir…


Yeah thats not me……. I’m a morning person by nature.. I’m feet hit the ground and I’m so excited (most of the time) to get my day going.. I”m full speed ahead, hit the shower and lets go!!!!!!!!!   I’m that perky annoying person that smiles when they walk in the office door at 8am.. coffee in hand while everyone else can barely see through their crusty eyelids…


My kids however………… are not..   Months and years of training has helped but every now and again.. they just do NOT want to get up when I turn on the light and say, alright guys time for school.. its not enough when I go over to the bed and gently tug on their shoulders……its not enough when I rub their backs and say, come on.. time to get up….

So.. at one time  I was very very evil and used water.  and WOW did that ever work, but yeah, kids were a bit angry for the rest of the morning.. so now, I’ve enlisted the help of the youngest family member.. and the most annoying……. supersedes me by far.. Kinsey

She eagerly awaits me at their doors as I say, Kinsey, lets get Abbie up!!! She runs in as I open the door. immediately jumps on the bed and ducks under the covers, and PULLS THEM DOWN from off of Abbie’s warm and toasty lil body!!!! Once that is accomplished and a lick of the ear.. she’s off to Joshs room where she likes to stand on top of him and lick him to death…. its GREAT!!!! Kids giggle and laugh.. occasionally I hear KINSEY GET OOOFFFFF me.. but the overall effect is a pleasant one..

Now I promise, if you come over, I will not send Kinsey in to wake you.. unless your cranky and then.. I’m sorry.. its game on..


Dating Tips for your Children!!!!! November 1, 2009

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Okay these are tips for how to date your children.. strange concept?  Perhaps, but bear with me and you’ll see where I’m going with this..

A relationship, no matter if it is spouse, friend, relative, child, whatever must be nourished in order to survive.. so with that in mind, i want to explore how to keep your parent/child relationship alive, no matter the age, gender or current status.  Ready?

  1. Get prepared for dating. Be ready to commit to dating your child. Half-heartedness won’t work. In fact, it won’t even get you half-way. If you really want to date them, put some effort into it. This is about wooing that heart back to where you want it. Just like you did to get your spouse, you’re going to put on the extra charm and pitch in 110% to capture the heart of your boy or girl.
  2.  Don’t Compare  kids!!!! Don’t compare your oldest to your youngest… or your middle to the baby. Each child is an individual and should be seen and valued for who they are!!!!!!! Respect that and do expect them to be the same, act the same, talk the same as your other child or children. Save the comparisons for when you’re shopping for car insurance.
  3. Don’t Hide From Intimacy — every one of you just went WHAT??? this is my CHILD you’re talking about… WAIT.. Emotional intimacy is the foundation of a good relationship.  If you clam up when your little girl wants to you about dating, or physical changes, or love,  or even jealousy of a friend, any subject –she may feel he’s the only one sharing. Comments like, “Whatever” or “I don’t care” relay an attitude that says, “I don’t really want to get to know you better.”  Get to know your child.. talk to them like you’d want to be talked to.. just because they are little doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings.
  4. Listen Up  –this goes hand in hand with #3 —Learn to listen and watch your relationship blossom. Active listening requires you to keep your lips closed while your child shares. Do not give advice or try to fix anything; instead, repeat back what you thought your child said. Then simply respond with, “Wow, that’s interesting,” or “Really? Tell me more about that…  its amazing what you can find out when you sit quietly and listen…
  5. Take time with each child individually.. maybe you get along better with one because of similar interests or you find its hard to talk to the other… Make and effort to do something special with each child. Dad’s go get a pedicure with your daughter, mom’s go to the arcade and play video games with your boy, show them they are important to you.. make the effort to know them..
  6. Get in Touch a Lot. Don’t be afraid to hug or kiss your child, but do it when they are comfortable. Cuddle up during a TV show with your little girl or  take your sons arm when you’re walking down the street are also ways to bond.  This  reinforces your affection and makes you feel closer on an instinctive level. Everyone NEEDS contact.. even the most rebellious child longs for the touch of another.. make the effort.

The way you interact with your child is impacting him on life choices, who he or she will marry, the type of person they will eventually choose one day.. How dad’s treat their daughters will set the stage for a life choice of how she interprets love, and what kind of man she will marry.. Moms- your son needs to know love unconditionally from you so he can find that in his future spouse. Don’t be afraid to woo your child.. to date them and show them they are so very important to you.  Take the time you once put into to conquering your spouses heart and pour that into you child — win them back if they are far away or just keep them close… will build a relationship that will last forever……


Now — go out and start dating :))