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Mp3’s, DVD’s, GPS and LMNOP……. alphabet soup October 8, 2009

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Life is like a huge circle.. at some point I guarantee you’re going to pass this way again, or somewhere very very similar.  I think about the potholes of life, the things we’re often not prepared for and how it makes you feel as though you’ve woken up to see your left two tires are flat… Do i call AAA?  A tow-truck???  You hurry to dial 9-11 only to find the phone has been disconnected……. yes things can indeed get pretty interesting in life at times…  when the car breaks down, the fridge goes out, and your bank calls and you overdrawn.. you suddenly feel completely overwhelmed.

Then I float dreamily back  to a simpler time, when all that worried you was running out of coke before all your pizza was eaten… a fight with a best friend was the end of the world until tomorrow when  all is forgiven with a hug…..and skinned knees were war wounds to be shown off with pride.  I think of a time when the days stretched on for ever…… when a tree was a castle in the sky and the freckle faced boy next door was the prince slaying the dragon to rescue the princess –who was shoeless up in the tree, and has dirt smeared across her nose and cheeks.  

I sit here pondering if we have allowed society to encourage our children to grow up too quickly… have we set out goals so far above they heads they are continually jumping but never reach it.   We pressure them to succeed.. what do you want to be when you grow up is requested in writing, in triplicate form, signed and dated… by the time they are in Kindergarten.. lives paths are given out in first grade.. here is yours stick to it… there are no detours. 

As I watch my kids… its as if technology is second nature… things we are astounded at are taken for granted by them.. Life without a microwave is considered poverty.   And I wonder……. what would their lives be like today,  IF…. would they be drastically different IF……… I am a firm believer in chores and working… I’ve had a job of some sort since I was 14… (yay Summer Hire – Hahn AB, Germany)  While provided for well by my parents, I knew the big stuff wasn’t going to be just given to me.  Hard work develops a sense of ownership, of pride — while we may not enjoy it…at the end of the day, self worth far outweighs sore muscles… 

Take away the cell phones, the lap tops, DVDs, Mp3’s,  the xBoxes….. and what is left in a childs life today… where is the imagination of yesteryear….. Are our children as prepared for the qualms of life as we were…Have we done our job to teach them enough life lessons to conquer the world.. or perhaps have we gone to far and made tiny adults complete with briefcases and the Idiots Guide to Life out of our preschoolers.   


 maybe the truth of the matter is that they ARE better equipped to deal with it… because truth be told……I still can’t work the GPS system in the car………..


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