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Individually the same……….. September 28, 2009

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It isn’t often that I can go a day without thinking, I should write about…………… but rarely do I actually sit down and do it now days. Things pop up, a phone call, work, a twitter addiction, or simply life.. and its shuffled to the side. But there is much to be said for the written word as it is preserving and causes one to eternally remember the events of the day.   So today I choose to write.. To remember and to leave a part of me here for you to enjoy.

There is much to be said about individuality.  From the minute both of the children came into this world, it was apparent there were differences that far surpassed the obvious.  Josh and his humble, quiet and meek spirit… content in any situation, happy come what may, and Abbie, the whirlwind of emotions, exploding with anger and passionate about life.  Nothing shocks me anymore about these two.  I have come to expect much of both of them. And enjoy their differences as one would enjoy the fresh spring water, its refreshing.  I can’t imagine them any other way.

A few days ago, that humble and meek spirit was tried.  Josh was smacked by a classmate over an altercation in gym class.  While he held ever right to return fire, he simply turned and walked away….. came home and still showed little to no emotion… I never anticipated having a conversation with him where i begged him to please be angry at me sometimes, its OKAY… Where Abbie would have pounded the guy, Josh showed grace and walked away. I think at times I’m envious of his personality.  While I’m non-confrentational,  I’m not going to back down from a bully. 

Then there is the free-spirited Abigail.. the one that makes me laugh one minute and furious the next.  So much like her father in personality that I often wonder if they will ever truly get along… though it makes me smile to see the face of perplexity when she realizes she is him made over…  I enjoy the early mornings though, when I go into her room to wake her and she’s still curled up under the covers… she yawns and stretches and for a brief moment, the facial expression is that of the baby i carried home from the hospital nearly 11 years ago.

  Abbie was hurt yesterday, and I think in many ways it hurts me more than it does her, to see her in pain and kwow I can’t kiss it and make the pain dissolve away…. I remember those little voices of yesterday saying kiss the boo-boo mama, make it all better…..and one kiss and the giggles that followed as I blew on their tummies and kisses them in the creases of their necks…..  Josh wants so many hugs (no kisses though *wink*) and cuddles it’s as if he’s still my little boy….but the tough girl in Abbie doesn’t want the kisses…….much…but on rare occasions when the curtain is lowered, I get to baby her….. and love every minute of it……

I smile just to think of what tomorrow brings……….. and savour every memory of today…


Back in the saddle again…….. September 13, 2009

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Its been a few months since my last post… the summer began and ended without so much as a heat wave….. odd for us in the South, but much appreciated.  Kids were retrieved from Ohio and a lovely week off on vacation was enjoyed by all.  Then life tiptoed back into full force…as school resumed and the day to day humdrum began again…

Josh came back from Ohio almost 2 inches taller than he left and his hands are now bigger than mine, the coolness of that is something I still don’t entirely understand, but the smile on his face merits my attention.  This years feat is his attempt at All-State band competition.  This begins our day earlier than normal, and him being at practice every morning at 7:15am.  I’m hearing of new notes being reached, and how hard it is to get your lips mushed and molded together to hit that high E.  (I really need to take a picture of  “the face” its rather humorous)

Abbie’s year began with friends, friends and more friends–in both Ohio and Georgia… our social butterfly just enjoys herself and bounces from friends house to friends house… She is especially excited about what her ALPHA group is working on for the LEGO league (ALPHA is the talented and gifted program she’s in at school, LEGO league is a competition they participate in every year and involves a robot) and something about creating a car that runs on air :))


Our biggest excitement was a call I received one day at work…. it went like this:

Me: Hello?

Abbie: Mama… I think something is wrong with the microwave…..

Me: okay

Abbie: But don’t worry nothing is on fire, it’s just alot of smoke…


Now how does one actually respond to that……………..    

I let the “nonfire” go… with minimal giggling… then the other day Abbie told me that they were talking at school about who thinks their mom is cool… to my benefit, Abbie still thinks I’m cool..which is something I need to write down and date it, so one day when she’s 15 and sassy, I can go back and show her that once upon a time I was cool….


NEW EMAIL :)))) September 1, 2009

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My email has changed to if you
need me…….. please free feel to contact me there!