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I’m sorry– have we met?? May 26, 2009

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Yes, I know, I’ve apparently fallen off the face of the earth, taken a hiatus or something from the cyber world… but I have ignored my dear blog long enough and have so much that is post worthy, I fear I shall never get it all done. Now I sit on the brink of summer, kids leaving for Ohio, school ending (my baby will be in 5th grade…. Oye vey) So here is the 411, the rundown, the nitty gritty on our lives since my last update…

ABBIE ~ my “mini me”:

She is the drama queen of the family, the louder than life in SO many ways.. for her and for us actually -softball has absorbed our lives since March, and I do mean ABSORBED our lives… practice, games, practice, games..rinse and repeat… wow— its been a long season, but has flown by at the same time—how is that even possible I don’t know.  She has batted, struck out, hit, run, stolen bases, caught and cheered louder than ANYONE else on her team.  

Its been a great season, we’ve won, we’ve lost, we’ve cheered, we’ve fussed… but all in all the girls have come a long way, and we can’t wait to see what next year holds…

Abbie is going into 5th grade, her last year in elementary school, and my heart nearly breaks at that thought… but the young lady she’s becoming is simply lovely ~ for now anyway, ask me in a few years I may have changed my mind!!   She is excited about the summer, going to Nana and Papa’s house, meeting Bailey their new puppy and swimming… apparently she’s not TAN enough yet.. J


JOSH ~ my “mini man”:

He is the one that tells me where I should park so I  don’t have so far to walk, the one that calls me and asks if he can do the dishes for me.. Mr Serious, most of the time. J Josh had some really cool opportunites this year, aside from band, he was able to be a student leader and guide the soon-to-be newbie 6th graders around the school.   Show them where all the important things are, like… the lunch room and the bathrooms!!  The in May he was a part of a Living Wax Museum, the entire school  was transformed into a museum. He was able to have a part in it and what was so exciting was his group was studying Peru, so it was awesome for him and he was able to bring a ton of things from home to school to share… it was an amazing night and the kids did a simply fantastic job.


Memorial Day has come and gone, and we spent ours at the Tennessee Aquarium. We picnicked next to the river, watching the boats go by and then off to the aquarium where new exhibits, including penguins nesting on an egg – were on the list to see. And we got there at just the right time, kids were able to feed the stingrays, touch a snake, feed the turtles, hold a butterfly and watch the sharks get fed. Even the river otters were out to play and Tony made a new friend – something called a paddlefish.. very interesting creature….

All in all we had a simply glorious day and enjoyed being out of the house for a change… J

Of course there is always more, but I’ll save that for another day and get on to what you really want to see — pictures…

So enjoy!!!!