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Top ten reasons March 12, 2009

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Most everyone knows I work as a Probation officer… some days its way more fun that others…. some days its exhausting and depressing and I wonder if anyone will ever learn..

Today was amusing. I was growled at by a defendant. I’ve never been growled at before… I’ve been called all sorts of colorful names, been threatened over the phone, been yelled at too many times to count… but never growled at.   The individual was very upset (obviously) about going to jail.. now mind you I didn’t actually PUT him in jail, though I did request the warrant… BUT… growling?? this is new…

In our office we have a list of the top 10 Reasons (excuses) we hear on a regular basis, at one time or another we’ve been told these… so I thought I’d share with you what we are told.

We have a slogan in our office – its on a cup holder that reads  “Stupidity is not a crime, so you are free to go…” kinda sums it all up…


1. I ain’t got no ride since you took my license

2. I got bills.

3. You close at 5pm.

4. My wife/girlfriend/babies mama had a baby.

5. Somebody died or had surgery

6. I went out of town

7. I had to report to my other probation.

8. I’ve been sick.

9. I don’t know or I just didn’t.

10. I forgot I was on probation.



The best one I’ve ever heard though was mounted-turkey
” I can’t pay today because I had to get the turkey I shot stuffed and mounted”

Gotta love rednecks….


a nite at the theatre…. March 3, 2009

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i think some time ago I mentioned that Josh plays in the band.  Tonight he is taking part in something called “Festival” — it is an 8th grade event that he has been selected to participate in, so for that last month or so, he’s had after school practices with the 8th grade band.  Big stuff for a 6th grader… Tonight is part 1 of Festival, and the only part we parents will participate in.  They will play tonight and receive some criticism, in order to prepare them for the region wide competition on the 13th. 

Now, its about 3 hours before he is suppose to be at the school. I’ve already received 2 calls about what he has to wear.  He can’t find his black pants…(look in your closet)…. panic mode.  I need a tie (top drawer dear)  and the white shirt….(next to your pants in the closet) 

Its always exciting around our house, that is for sure… so tonight we listen to the band and then one of us gets to go and freeze on the ball field for Abbie’s practice (I’m secretly hoping that Tony volunteers since i’m still coughing and sneezing)  

Someday I’ll learn how to post videos… (probably helps to OWN a video recorder thingy…)  but for now, you’ll just have to trust me when I blog about how great it went!!!


ta-ta for now!