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for every season…. February 26, 2009

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Spring is just around the corner…. flowers will soon be blooming, grass will start to grow, trees will bud. But in our house, all that matters is the clay around the bases.


   yup, its softball season again, and Abbie’s up to bat.  Its a fun transformation, suddenly, she doesn’t care if her hair gets messed up, or if her nails are painted… sweat can run freely… as long as she gets to swing that bat.

Her team this year is the Cohutta Drillers.  It consists of only 9 girls this year.  Which is odd because last year we had so many they were fighting about who was going to bat, oops, that was the parents,  not the girls.   =)  It is going to be a great year, there are 10 year olds that are able to throw with ease from 3rd to 1st base.  A pitcher that appears to understand the concept of fast pitch and a remarkable coach.  We’re excited, and will keep you posted.


“Take me out to the ball game….. take me out to the crowd….”


the preacher boy February 20, 2009

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Click for the video of our boy!!!!!!!!!!!


the verdict is in: February 13, 2009

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Abbie had a particularly cool experience today, she and her ALPHA group (a gifted program at the school) participated in a mock trial today. They all were able to go to the Superior Court Building of Whitfield County and hold the trial, along with 16 other ALPHA groups- complete with a “real” superior court Judge and local attorneys helping out.   Today was all about Hansel, Gretel and the mean old lady with the gingerbread house… Accusations are flying, that the children destroyed her property and assaulted her by pushing her into the oven!!  That they stole from her…. What will happen…..will justice prevail? Will Hansel and Gretel go to JAIL? Or will it be probation?


Charge:   Petty Theft                                        Verdict: NOT GUILTY

Charge: Criminal Damage to  Property    Verdict: NOT GUILTY

Charge: Battery                                                 Verdict:  HUNG JURY – NO VERDICT

SHE’S BEEN VINDICATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the article in the paper, while Abbie’s name does not appear, she was Gretel in trial representing her school Cohutta Elementary.



Justice for Hansel and Gretel?

By Rachel Brown

Megan Yarbrough was determined to prove Malvinia Crueller was after the children.

“I’m supposed to have seen Hansel and Gretel outside admiring my pies,” said Megan, a fifth-grade student from Brookwood Elementary School who took on the part of a local baker in a mock trial session between students at Whitfield and Dalton schools on Thursday. “I’m a witness. This is completely new to me.”

The Mock Trial Bowl at the Whitfield County Courthouse continues today. Seventeen teams from the Whitfield County and Dalton city school systems have or will participate in the case of the State of Georgia vs. Hansel Schmidt and Gretel Schmidt. Most of the students are fifth-graders in the gifted program, but a few are in the fourth grade.

Hansel and Gretel are accused of stealing pieces of cookies and candies from Crueller’s gingerbread shop, breaking up her gingerbread houses and trying to shove her into a hot oven. The defendants say they were acting in self-defense when Crueller ran after them, hoping they would be her next meal.

“They (students) are here today to learn about how citizens’ rights are protected under the Constitution,” said Eva Hendrix, a teacher at Cohutta Elementary School who coordinates the noncompetitive program. “We are not about winning or losing. We’re about justice for Hansel Schmidt and Gretel Schmidt.”

Tammy Poplin, a teacher at Dalton’s C3 Center, said mock trials are part of the program for gifted students. Whitfield students held trials for the first time last year, and this year Dalton schools were invited to participate.

“The kids have been so into this,” Poplin said, adding the students have been practicing since January.

Many children came to court on Thursday dressed for their parts. Young boys assigned to be attorneys dressed in ties and pinstripe suits, girls supposed to be bakers wore aprons and chef hats, and others who were called as witnesses donned dressy courtroom attire.

Cassandra Brown, a fifth-grader at Westside Elementary School, put on a pointed witch’s hat and a black, star-studded cape for her part as Crueller. While Cassandra had practiced the part with her classmates, she said she was still somewhat nervous.

“I think (the hardest thing) is just going to be getting up in front of all the people because I’m shy,” she said.

One of her classmates, Clippar Smith, was an attorney prosecuting Hansel and Gretel. He said he learned about how closing and opening statements are given by the prosecution and defense.

“It teaches us what kinds of jobs lawyers have, and if we want to be one when we grow up all we have to do is pay attention to what goes on,” he said.

Dalton attorney Rick Brown and Superior Court Judge William T. Boyett were among those helping with the program, in addition to a few local lawyers and several teachers. Parents and grandparents were allowed to sit in as jury members.


Evangelist J.C. Godzwa???? February 12, 2009

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About a 3 weeks ago, as we were driving down the road to Wal-Mart, Josh and I were chatting… and out of the blue he told me that he was going to speak to Bro. Wayne, our pastor. 

 I asked him what about, and he replied, “oh, I want to see about preaching this message that God’s placed on my heart” — Little boy say what??????? – I almost drove OFF the road… what? really???

He said yes, that he wanted to speak to him about preaching in the American service (- he said he’s not quite ready for the Spanish service.)

  I told him that he needed to speak to Bro Wayne then,  but to be praying about it in the meantime…  As a mom, I was immediately swelled up with pride, wow, he wants to preach, then as I sat there, I became humbled, GOD, that you would use my son, to spread your Word………..deep breath… WOW…

Josh became nervous… very very very nervous.  Sunday morning, he told me that he couldn’t do it, he was too nervous, so I encouraged him to keep praying about it, and speak to the preacher another time.  Well, that time came about…….. 20 mins later, when he said

Mama, come with me

 and together we walked up to Bro Wayne, where a very red faced boy asked him if he could preach sometime.  The reply was OF COURSE!! and I’ll let you know 2 weeks ahead of time.

Josh was elated… but also extremely conscience of what he’d entered into. 

With as little pride as possible (and believe me this is hard!!!)…..

I’m announcing that Joshua C. Godzwa will preach his first message on February 18, 2009 at Whitfield Baptist Church.  He has been given 10-15 mins of the service to preach.  He has his message and is praying and fine-tuning it now.                   crosses20sized

I’d like to invite you all to watch – our church now has pod-cast  for all their services, you can watch via their website at

I’d love for all of you to share in the service – it starts at 7pm and Josh should be preaching just after the song service… but I don’t have an exact time.

I’m thrilled at this for more reasons than one, you see, Josh has, in his almost 13 years, been a completely distinct child. His personality, disposition, thoughts, actions, all have been so different from that of children his same age.  There are times when he is so childlike, i wonder if he really his almost 13, and then times he is so grown up, I feel like I’m the one that is 13!!!  He often feels like he doesn’t quite fit in, and where his sister is the socialite, he is more inclined to hang back and watch from the bleachers.  This is a huge step for him, and definitely out of his “comfort zone”…

I ask that you please please pray for him, he has a willing and sweet spirit right now, pray that continues, pray that God uses him and that he allow God to take control of his young life…. pray that his message touches hearts…