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making a list, checking it twice, or three times..or… November 10, 2008

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I always smile about this time every year…I think within every child there must be a chip or something implanted in them… they just KNOW Christmas is getting closer… its like they can almost smell it in the air… it’s coming…. and suddenly, a list appears on my side table with pictures drawn all over it and hearts… yes, its THE list.. the coveted Christmas wish list…

I love my kids, and they make me smile from ear to ear, mostly because it is about this time I can see just how different the kids are from one another.  Every year they are allowed to put not more than 10 things on a list.  They know they will not get all ten.  They know also, that they are allowed to only put on BIG thing on the list.  They know they may not get this either.  (guess that’s why it’s a WISH list..)  So, about 4 years ago, I gave them some options, they could do one of two things, they could pick ten little things, and maybe get all ten, or pick one larger item but only get one thing.  Oddly enough they chose one thing each… and thanks to the magic of Ebay, I was blessed to oblige both kids desires and not over extend myself.  Of course, these are the same kids that decided to wait to even have Christmas – I mean not to even open ONE gift until Nana and Papa were there, some 5 days after the 25th last year.  Abbie even wrote to Santa and asked him to come after they arrived… and on Christmas day, not a peep about please can we open the gifts, they were content to wait on my parents to arrive…

So I am reviewing these lists, and I notice that Abbie has broken the rules.. she has 14 items on her list.  However, she’s very clever, see.  She writes that she wants some CD’s – and underneath it puts 5 CD’s she wants.  She writes that she’d like a baby doll that looks just like a real one (apparently they have such a thing at Belks next to Libby Lou’s and they have wobbly heads and everything!! i’m impressed) underneath this, she’d list 5 accessories that every baby needs.. The list continued on….I was just giggling… Then there is the ever serious Joshua. The man with the plan.. His was 6 items.  He’s very simple to please, although as he grows so do the price tags of his items… I still don’t know exactly what a PSP is, but I’m sure he’ll tell me….are-we-done-smiling-yet

So…we’re leaving for school this morning and Abbie says, MAMA, i gotta have my list back… I said, why sweetie.. Oh, she responds, I need to add something..

uuuhhhh… I think Santa’s already got the list.. ha ha

Its funny, this girl of mine told her entire Kindergarten class there was no Santa, he didn’t exists.  Then in 2nd grade, she decided she wanted Santa to come and left him cookies, and wrote a letter to him and everything!!  I think its just fun to believe…  Makes the magic of Christmas seem even more so.

Last year we enjoyed celebrating Christ’s birthday, and not relishing in the presents and what we were going to get, it was a blessed time, one that I will treasure, and even though Nana and Papa may not be able to come for Christmas, I think it may be a wonderful tradition to keep….

Saving Christmas….for what it really is.


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