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and the winner is……………. August 27, 2008

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anticipation was building all day on monday, would it be the trumpet, would it be the saxophone… what would happen….

Josh anxiously went to school, saying to me all morning, “Mama – TODAY is the day…”  He gets home in the afternoon and calls me and says………………

“I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT….. the TRUMPET!!!!”  he was overjoyed!!!! 

I spoke briefly with Mr. Reedy his band teacher, giving me some pointers on a used instrument and so on.  He also said that Josh shows quiet a lot of promise on the trumpet and he was impressed (must be all that hot air he blows —gets that from his dad i’m sure!! ha ha ha – KIDDING)  and for a 6th grader, he has alot of potential on it.   For a second i wasn’t sure if he was trying to convince me to let Josh stay in band or just tell me… but it was nice to hear none the less…what parent wants to hear “well, to be honest your child has no musical ability, actually no ability at all…” I mean really, its pads the ego to hear that your child has some tallent….

So now the search is on for an instrument.  We are on a limited budget and i’m finding out that trumpets aren’t cheap… pawn shops and used music stores here we come…. I was advised against Ebay only because it’s better to touch the instrument before purchasing rather than going in blind… SO if any of you wise people out there have an idea, please please share it….

anyway, i have a happy boy…and our ears will soon be blessed with the lovely music of sir Josh and his trumpet… I can’t wait.




One Response to “and the winner is…………….”

  1. Jen Says:

    Can you try, in Atlanta? Also, you could look into renting one from a music store – that’s what my family always did with our band instruments!

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