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how the grinch stole a blogpost… August 22, 2008

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 Being happy where ever God puts you!

Thomas Watson

We glorify God, by being contented in that state in which Providence has placed us. We give God the glory of his wisdom, when we rest satisfied with what he carves out to us. Thus Paul glorified God. The Lord cast him into as great variety of conditions as any man, ‘in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft’ (2 Cor. 11:23) yet he had learned to be content. Paul could sail either in a storm or a calm; he could be anything that God would have him; he could either want or abound (Phil 4:13). A good Christian argues thus: It is God that has put me in this condition; he could have raised me higher, if he pleased, but that might have been a snare to me: he has done it in wisdom and love; therefore I will sit down satisfied with my condition. Surely this glorifies God much; God counts himself much honoured by such a Christian. Here, says God, is one after mine own heart; let me do what I will with him, I hear no murmuring, he is content. This shows abundance of grace. When grace is crowning, it is not so much to be content; but when grace is conflicting with inconveniences, then to be content is a glorious thing indeed. For one to be content when he is in heaven is no wonder; but to be content under the cross is like a Christian. This man must needs bring glory to God; for he shows to all the world, that though he has little meal in his barrel, yet he has enough in God to make him content: he says, as David, ‘The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance; the lines are fallen to me in pleasant places’ (Ps. 16:5).

This is a hard blow to our ego! To be content with whatever God wants to do with us, where ever He puts us, what ever is happening to us but what a truth. I must trust Him to do what is best in my life! I must not complain. I must be happy with Him and what He is doing!





**** personal note  — This is from a dear friend of ours webpage  he is a tremendous man of God.  This post of his really hit me hard, as I am often too quick to complain and not slow enough to simply be content with where I am, not only physically but spiritually, emotionally, and any other “ally” that I might forget, I hope this blesses you as much as it did me.  I know this isn’t my normal post, but sometimes ya gotta keep people on their toes…


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