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up’n at’m August 20, 2008

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I feel like a Drill Sergeant in the mornings getting the troops up…it makes me laugh, some days are much better than others, like this morning… Abbie is usually the one that doesn’t like getting up (shocker there) she is like her daddy, not a morning person… So this morning I tiptoe in and WHAM turn on the light (told you i’m a Drill Sergeant…) she squints, groans and rolls over…YEP she is SO her daddy – y’all can say what you will, she may look more like me, but she is HIM made over

But then, something amazing happens, she pops out of bed…..without being told a second time… WOW. Something I’ve not see very often from this tween girl of mine… then it hits me… OF COURSE – she’s going home with her BFF after school and she knows if she doesn’t get up with a lovely attitude, there is no Emily.  So i’ve decided that Becky (mom #2) must take Abbie home daily to help my morning routine out better… HA HA..

Tony’s been a huge blessing this week, playing Mr Mom and staying home with Josh while I went to work…. Thanx babe, I appreciate you!!!  what a blessing that was!! Josh was SNOTTY and coughing his head off and couldn’t go to school on Monday, so the boys stayed home…Tony got a relaxing day off and Josh got some better.  He is still re-cooping, but he’s going to make it i’m sure…

Things are rolling at our house, Josh is learning the art of having his own house key, and the intricate  workings of middle school… Today they TOUCHED an instrument in band. This is apparently a HUGE deal…. Now i have no idea if they simply laid a finger on it or – and I really hope it wasn’t this – tried to play each on to see what they preferred…the thought of him pressing his lips against a reed that someone else has makes my skin crawl…boy am I glad we got that meningococcal vaccine.. ha ha  So he calls me up after school just elated, MOM I FOUND MY TRUE INSTRUMENT…(i love the way he speaks)  he was so happy…he’s found the trumpet – which was my choice for him so i’m tickled, but we was torn between that and the saxophone.  So now I have to either rent a trumpet from the school or find someone that has one to let him borrow or sell me VERY CHEAP.. or locate a sponser.. ha ha…or set Josh on the corner with a tin cup…..alm’s – alm’sfor the poor…   And Abbie is falling in love with 4th grade…

as for me…. I uncovered my desk at work, to only cover it back up again.. but making headway.  We cooked for 130 people last night at church – that was YUMMY and i love you all that helped me….  to my Spanish church ladies, you are my heroes, to Kim and Janet, I love you both so much, even though Janet can’t clean chicken…i’ll keep her around!!

I’m taking a <<breath>>…so much to say and so little time…

ta -ta for now…


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