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Home, home on the range August 14, 2008

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WOW – we’re back in the saddle again, alright!!  Life is in full swing again, with the kids at home, school back, working again…I tell ya, take 3 days off and you feel like you’ve missed out on so much at work, it’s piling up, laundry to be done at home, grass to be mowed, kids to tend to, Tony to care for, and the dog…well, she’s doing just fine… So, kids are home, parents are visiting (YEA!!!) and life is almost, kinda sorta, nearly back to normal, if there is such a thing


Saturday, we took the family to Cloudland Canyon, a state park about 45 mins away.  We packed up all sorts of yummy snacks in the cooler, threw in a blanket and took off. My mom and dad joined us, so we had a great crew.  The canyon itself is breathtaking, it was beautiful. 

The only downside, well, two really, was the waterfall wasn’t falling because of the drought we’re in, and lack of rain, there isn’t any water…here is a picture of what waterfall i was able to get….It only stood 3 inches tall and was going over a very small rock…but hey, it is water falling…….and on my little camera phone, it appears to be enormous!!!






that was a bit of a bummer.. the other downside, was actually the upside of the hike…GOING BACK UP…WOW i don’t think I remember the last time i’ve climbed that many stairs…. it was well over 500…. we stopped counting after our legs became numb.  We were thanking God for the benches…..


                                                                                                       The park was beautiful…we enjoyed ourselves very much, amidst the stairs and steep walkways….  We enjoyed our day together…  I hope to have more pictures and more stories soon…… 


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  1. que bonita familia, saludos de uruguaoy les recordamso con mucho cariño
    familia gutierrez
    christian jessica rebecca y ariana

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