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fuzzy feeling May 29, 2008

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do you ever get that fuzzy all over warm feeling??  When was the last time you felt that way, that didn’t include a high fever or hugging the white throne in your bathroom?

I sometimes wonder if my heart gets turned off at my job, sitting here, I just want to scream at some of these people and shake them and say “don’t you see what you’re doing to yourself?”  I miss the heartstrings being pulled…

I thank God for friends that I can turn to, to say, hey, pray with me about……. or hey, I have a question about….  Thank you to my hero’s- who are always there when I need encouragement… It’s those times that the warm fuzzy feeling that i think has long since been replaced by revocations and probation warrants comes creeping back inside and makes a home in my chest.. it reminds me that I am loved, even when I don’t think so, and that love is indeed a gift from above and friendships are to be cherished…


friends are a commodity I hope I’m never short of. I pray that God allows to be shew myself friendly so that i might have friends. 

speaking of friends, here is a picture for you… This is another shot of Abbie and some of her team-mates, Hannah J, Abbie, Hannah R and Skyler is behind them

I thank God that friendships that start when you are young have the promise to last until one is old.

getting that warm fuzzy feeling yet?? Go home and hug your kids, love on them, pet a puppy and get licked and if that doesn’t bless you, your blesser might just be broke…


raindrops on roses….

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I couldn’t resist posting this…

This is the son of a friend of ours, they are missionaries in N. Ireland.  He got these sunglasses as a gift from a Pastors wife in that states…. it truely made his day.


Sometimes we forget how just the little things in life can mean so much to someone.  When was the last time you got so excited about something that others count as nothing?  The song “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music is a favorite of mine, because it talks about not taking the small things for granted… Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…. brown paper packages tied up with string…. ah to have the innocent heart of a child again…

so go aheard….count your blessings name them one by one…


memories of the way we were…….. May 27, 2008

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I remember at my wedding, my aunt Gail, peering into the video camera, leaving her “memories” for me forever encased on a VCR cassette tape – she grinned and said with a tear in her eye “Corey, I can’t believe you’re potty trained”…….

I recall sitting there in semi-shock, watching this….not quite understanding the full ramifications of that statement…. now here I sit, a few years under my belt and the weight of that comment still lingers heavily in the air…  I realize how fast time passes, how little we take that into consideration, how much time we squander and how few moments are truly cherished in life.

This week marks a milestone in our lives…it is not just the end of May, or the end of the school year, but my little boy, this little 7 pound 8 ounce boy I held onto so dearly almost 12 years ago is finishing elementary school……he is going to Middle school in the fall.  Now to many of you,  you may sit there and giggle and grin at this thought, thinking to yourself, “oh she doesn’t know what she talking about” but in the wee morning hours, I see the beginning of the end. Not in a bad way, mind you, but knowing that Josh is growing up so quickly, before my eyes, and to blink or turn my head is to squander a memory of him.  A sixth grader then high school and then…………gone……

Perhaps I’m jumping the gun, but I have seen these past 11 years whiz by me at such a unbelievable speed that I am speechless, I watch my son, my baby boy, my little one as he runs away from me…..stepping closer into man hood and farther from his mother.  Sure, I’ll always be needed for something, but does laundry really count?? I cherish the hugs, and the “i love you’s” for fear that all too soon they will evaporate into the morning mist.   At some point all children are repulsed at the idea of publicly touching a relative… let alone a hug or kiss…

I watch that boy, that half man, so childlike at times but then I see the glimmer of the man he will be…and I wish inside that I could for a moment, take him in my arms, hold him as i did on that day he was born, kiss his little lips and tell him hello for the first time……just one more time……

I pray that Joshua will grow into a man that makes not only me proud, but God proud. I pray that he finds a good Godly wife someday (far far away…) and that he has the honor of holding his first born and his second and how ever many God blesses him with… and  I pray that one day, when I am old and can’t find my teeth or my hearing aid, that I look up and see this sweet face and know that I am loved, that he still finds my corny jokes funny and still says he’s his mama’s boy…

memories, like a blanket so warm……. I pray they never fade away.



and the winner is……………. May 15, 2008

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I’ve been a mom for a long time, you’d think at some point I’d get used to it after a while, but let me tell you, there is nothing like watching your child hit the ball in a rousing game of 8-9 year old softball, it will make you come off the bleachers screaming at the top of your lungs…. you also don’t get used to competitions that your child is involved in, the pride swelling up in your chest until you can barely swallow, or the fact that your heart beats so hard you think it’s going to land in the lap of that tall man sitting in from of you…

Abbie and Josh have extremely different personalities…Abbie is the DRAMA QUEEN  while Josh is Mr. Serious… (most of the time anyway)  Abbie is the one that relishes being in the lime light, and Josh is okay with just being the stage hand… This past week, however, it was Josh’s turn to shine.  He had a unique opportunity to participate in a speech contest at school. When he first told me about this, I thought it was simply a project for class, not realizing he was competing.  Well, boy was I ever wrong.  He prepared his speech over Spring Break, he worked hard on it, poured his heart and soul into his work just like always.  He did a great job, as any mother would say. 

So great, in fact that he comes bouncing up to me at the school about mid way through the next week….MAMA MAMA MAMA….. I won FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First place?? in what?? Not just for his class, not for 5th grade… but for the entire school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He’s going to county!!!  His exact words were “I was so excited, I thought I was going to die”   Josh is not one to win things, or come in 1st at things, so this was a HUGE deal, and we were very excited.

2 weeks later, we went to the county wide competition.  I got there just as the speeches started and there was my man………………actually the ONLY man in the competition…sitting with 4 girls on his left and 4 girls on his right, SMACK DAB in the middle of them.   He was up against not only other 5th graders, but 6th graders and 3 8th graders… It was a tough ride for him, but he did fantastic, even though he was extremely nervous!!!  After all was said and done, Josh walked away with 4th place. And while he didn’t get a trophy, he did get a medal and the knowledge that he CAN do this. 

He’s been so excited since… he already is planning for next year… and he and Papa are going to make a shadow box to display all his stuff in. 

Way to go boy……….. way to go…….. Parenting is hard work, no doubt about that, but its times like these, when you get to let your hair down, sit back and say……..maybe I can do this after all………….


What a Great God….. May 5, 2008

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Yesterday we had an amazing service… due to every changing work schedules, we decided to have our Mother’s Day, a week early, and instead of only celebrating moms, we celebrated Dia de Damas – basically women’s day.  This was to not leave anyone out as we have some ladies unable to have children, or whatever.  We had a great attendence of 22!! Including a new family, Andres, who has been coming only 2 weeks, the first week, he came alone, but yesterday, he brought his 3 children!!!  Tony preached a great message on Maria (Mary) and having a servants heart, amoungst other things.  It was a good service… and then the celebration began…with red roses for all the ladies…it began.  Well, the men decided to spoil us rotten for our special day, and actually set up, cooked, served and cleaned up for us!!! We got to kick back and relax!!! aaahhhhhh  We feasted on roasted pork, a special blend of beans and pork, black beans, some delicious spicy chicken, rice, russian salad, a green salad, pasta, bread, cheesecake, banana pudding, and un pastel-bizcocho- torta whatever you call it where you live- de tres leches – this is a 3 milk cake that is AMAZING…. Unfortuantly on my new diet/training that I’m on, I can’t eat much of it, but I had a SLIVER of it.  Literally, they were fussing at me for eating so little… oh well, at least I had SOME…  the food varied from Puerto Ricano, Dominican, Mexican, Panamanian, and American….. wow, talk about some good cooking!!!

We invited Bro Cofield, his wife and the visiting missionary John Sasser, wife and 5 boys also stayed to eat with us!! Which made my husband a TAD nervous wondering if we would have enough, but God always provides and blesses and we had PLENTY for everyone!!! We were 32 in total, and it was wonderful.  I should have pictures soon to show you!!  Just have to get them off the church camera.

Thank you to all the men that served and made us feel so special and loved, to my husband that has such a willing heart and thank you Lord for blessing our ministry… it is so exciting to see the new growth and life coming into the work.   

I have some exciting news that I hope I can share soon….. but for now you will just have to sit and wonder, pondering what that news is……..



probation and a makeover May 1, 2008

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We were joking around today about how some people, while on probation should be sentenced, not only to community service but also to grooming and personal hygeine.  We were getting so tickled in the office.   This man had just left our office that smelled AWFUL and believe me, I’ve smelled some terrible people… he also had very unruly hair.  Perhaps the court could order a hair cut??? This led to me to go on saying things like “you’ve been sentenced to 12 months probation, a shower, deodoratn and a manicure then VOLIA at the you are not only reformed, but can now rejoin society.”  It amazes me in this great country we live in, the complete and utter lack of common sense people have.  SOAP IS MY FRIEND…. sounds simple.    FINGERNAILS DIRTY & TOO LONG – cut them… this is not rocket science here.   SWEATY PITS – use deodorant for crying out loud!!!

I suppose it’s how you look at things, right? I probably shouldn’t pick on these people, but you don’t have to have contact with them on a regular basis…. I do…
Perhaps I should click my heels together and repeat, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home..

…because in my house, even the dog gets a bath…  I tried bathing the hamster, but he got blown away by the hair dryer – I’M KIDDING… but admit it, you smile at the thought of the little furball whizzing across the table……..

alright, I’m getting off my soapbox now…… get it, SOAP box….. aaahhh, some things just crack me up…