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adorable, cute, sweet, charming……. February 22, 2008

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godzwa-boys-02-05-08.jpgbecca-joe-and-jon.jpg    I am convinced that I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world. I have one more, but can’t convince my brother to send me a picture of him…. I wanted to post this on yesterdays blog, but had some computer issues….

I love you guys!!!



it’s the little things in life February 21, 2008

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it seems we can never have enough to say about our kids.  So here’s to childhood…abbie-and-emily-12-23-2006-2.jpglevi-02-20-08.jpg

 I was talking to a friend of mine today, she and her daughter (Abbie’s best frielevi-02-20-08.jpglevi-02-20-08.jpgnd) went to Disney for winter break this week.  Well, Emily became violently ill – to the point that she was bedridden for 2 days while on her vacation. Becky was telling me what all happened (I’ll spare the details) and she said, “you know Corey, through it all, she didn’t whine, or cry, she just kept looking at me and saying, Mama, I’m sorry I’m ruining your vacation…”  Now is that a sweet child or what?!!

Then I think about my sis-in-law, Jen who posted some pics of her boys, and I see this little boy sitting on the floor surrounded by a gift bag and paper…he’s going to town helping her provide some much needed mulch… ha ha  I love that picture because of the innocence it portrays….I remember when paper made my children happy…

I’m reminded of Josh telling me some girl asked him out the other day…he said “I told her uh, NO!!”….

And how Abbie is showcasing her new pink cleats and pink batting helmet…she’s going to be a softball star….

About singing “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine” while rocking a sleeping baby……so many years ago..

I’m surrounded on a daily basis with sin and despair when I’m at work.  Lies are told like they are the truth and deceit is so thick in the air, you can almost smell it…  but then I think about these stories and am reminded about the goodness of God and what He did for me…the price He paid to set me free, and I am reminded it is indeed the little things in life that are to be cherished….


i fell in love yesterday…. February 20, 2008

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never take me to a pet store…

  021908_1714a.jpg I fell in love with a little red head yesterday……….


talking to myself February 18, 2008

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This post will be a little different; I just needed to talk a little today…
I’ve always been a bit…off the wall…a perky morning person that is able burst into a room with endless energy. At times I’m nearly convinced I have at least 3 different and distinct personalities locked inside of me. Some people say I am a bit of a snob, and not talkative, while others say I never stop babbling, I suppose it depends on how well you know me and how comfortable I feel with you. I have been sitting here evaluating life today. Something happened that was so………indescribable, that stopped me literally in my tracks, and it is times like these I sit back and wonder about life. Today however, the wind got blown out of my sails….and my heart lies broken in my hands as I think about things I have no control over and how much I dislike knowing some things, and wish I could go back in time and change that knowledge to ignorance. My heart is broken for those that have lost something or someone so dear to them and feel like their world is ending; for those that a hug or a shoulder to cry on, just isn’t enough.
I have become a very guarded person, never wanting to let anyone fully into my “realm” – for fear of getting used, hurt or whatever…. I joke, laugh and cut up, using sarcasm as a shield from life and the world’s hurts, because as they say, “the best defense is a good offense”, so I tend to stay on the offense. But at times like these, the real “me” is exposed and I just want to sit and cry for all that has been lost. I see these faces daily, passing by me and there is no hope for them. They have no knowledge of the hope I have, and they are ignorant enough to think that they are alright in and of themselves. They sit in their filth and muck and relish in the fact that they have filth and muck to wallow in. They wander around with a burden so very heavy….and they don’t want to share it, or give it up, they WANT their burden because they don’t realize someone else is willing to carry it. I get so irritated that I have to sit on the sidelines watching them pass by me and I’m helpless… I can’t reach out to them, can’t touch their lives…can’t make a difference…
I am sad because I can’t share with anyone where this brokenness comes from today….and I know I can’t handle it on my own. I am sad because I wish the “real me” would hang around a little more and that obnoxious 3 year old would go to “time out” more often….
But I am also thankful…thankful for my heavenly Father, whose shoulders are always wide enough, who doesn’t mind my multiple personality disorder and who knows how to touch a life when words are not available.


J.C. Godzwa February 14, 2008

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I was looking back at some of the posts from last year, and I was overcome with a feeling of bad parenting, as I noticed that I spotlighted our drama queen but left out Josh on so many occasions… poor fellow, he’s not overlooked, I assure you…so let me let you take a peek into the world of Josh.

Josh is by far the best big brother in the world. I watch him as he takes care of his little sis, worries about her, dotes on her. BOY does she have him wrapped around her finger… (ask him how many tea parties he’s attended….) He plays with her when her best friend is mad, and puts his arm around her and hugs her when she falls on the playground…
He is infinitly patient with people, especially little kids… doesn’t mind becoming the mountain for them to climb on, even when he gets a shoe in the eye…
He is so athletically gifted it’s almost odd that he’s our child…well, at least my child, as I am so ridiculously uncoordinated…. Perhaps its in the Godzwa blood… I watched him the other night as he played volleyball with the teen group….I was shocked and amazed as he served the ball (overhand) and it soared across the net… pretty good for 11 years old..
One of my favorite things it to listen to him talk to me…I mean, really talk. A lot of times he wants to talk to you about sports, or Playstation, or what movie you like and why, but there are times when that little boy is stripped away and this man becomes so evident it scares me to no end that my baby boy is growing up before my very eyes and will soon be leaving us…. He asked the other day about how to prove that there is a God…at first it scared me, but listening to him, I see this mind of his working to fully understand and comprehend the things of the Bible and I sit back amazed… or when he talks about girls…which to me is equally as scary as the “is there a God question” – but the innocence in which he talks about them….. using things like..”she’s not really my type” – to which I have to know…”YOU HAVE A TYPE???”
I’ve watched him crawl, and toddle, and walk….I’ve watched him run and skip and jump, but none of those can come compare to watching him become a man…I look back at his baby pictures and almost cry, but then I look up into those big brown eyes, and am reminded of how great God is in giving us this gift, how special he is, and how great a responsibility we have to raise him up to be a man of God.

what an awesome responsibility – what an honor to be his mom…. what a son God has given me.
and all I can say is thank you Lord for your blessings…………



a riddle for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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leave your answers on the comments and check back to see who’s right!!!!
this one left me stumped for a while!!!!
Good luck!!!

There are 7 girls on a bus

Each girl has 7 backpacks

In each backpack, there are 7 big cats

For every big cat there are 7 little cats

Question: How many legs are there in the bus?


February 12, 2008

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so, I know, I’ve been just terrible about keeping up with this lately. Working too much, and not enough time during the day to keep up with things….

But that is no excuse to not reach out and touch someone…

so…backing up a few months… Christmas was wonderful this year. We waited on my parents to get here a few days after Christmas and enjoyed Christmas day on Saturday, rather than the 25th. That was the kids decision – not ours, but it was a blessing to have shared that with them. We celebrated the New Years in an unusually quiet way, at home playing board games and watching the apple drop in New York, something I haven’t done in years, but the church didn’t have a watch night service so we stayed in and visited…I acutally made it to midnight, which, for those that know me is a feat in itself!!!

The school year is in fullswing and the kids are doing great!! Both Josh and Abbie have honors classes, Abbie is in Alpha (gifted program) while Josh is in honors 5th grade classes. Abbie is about to play softball, Josh is holding out for football (smart kid!!!) He’s getting ready for MIDDLE SCHOOL…which I cannot believe and being in the Youth group at church… I feel so old lately…

Work is……….my immediate supervisor left us to be the mayor of Mayberry…actually the city manager of a small town in south Georgia, so things have gotten interesting here at the court… but its working itself out and though we miss him, we’re managing to overcome….though we don’t have anyone to go “markmarkmarkmarkmarkmarkmarkmark” to….(inside joke some will understand)….. I’m taking on some new responsibilities…so that’s always fun…

Tony’s been down with the flu and some crud that’s taken over his body, but he’s finally on the mend and life for him is vastly improving now that he’s not on a Nyquil binge all the time!!!

Our church has hit a growth spurt and we’ve had 3 new families to begin attending on a regular basis!! We’re so excited!!! They are a huge blessing and we’re so thankful that they found us!!! We can’t wait to see what God’s going to do in ’08!

Lets see what words of wisdom do I have in parting??? unfortunaly i have none, this is by far my most boring of blogs, we have gotten to be quite boring people lately, running none stop, but rest assured there is more to come of the quips and quirks from the children- and yes, more pictures.