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Mission Impossible!!! July 11, 2007

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My dad called yesterday and said Josh’s birthday package is still missing. Poor Josh -he’s been a trooper through all this and has only made some comments about not liking the Post Office (he hasn’t seen the blog, or he’d know my thoughts on the whole issue!!!)

I love my parents, they have always been there for my family and me. That being said, he decided that Josh had been patient enough and sent Nana on a quest to find the items that are in the birthday box. He figures if it ever shows up, they can take the items back, and if not, Josh will at least have his gift! So off they go on a shopping spree! Nana found the little computer game we had sent him, and then went to find the Air Hog airplane we bought also, but by the time Josh had his not-so-little hands on the computer game he didn’t want anything else!!! He was on cloud nine!!!!! I talked to him last night and he was SSSSOOOOOO excited!!!

My dad has now invested the help of his postman to search for the lost package
it’s MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – (without Tom Cruise!!)


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