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Mission Impossible!!! July 11, 2007

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My dad called yesterday and said Josh’s birthday package is still missing. Poor Josh -he’s been a trooper through all this and has only made some comments about not liking the Post Office (he hasn’t seen the blog, or he’d know my thoughts on the whole issue!!!)

I love my parents, they have always been there for my family and me. That being said, he decided that Josh had been patient enough and sent Nana on a quest to find the items that are in the birthday box. He figures if it ever shows up, they can take the items back, and if not, Josh will at least have his gift! So off they go on a shopping spree! Nana found the little computer game we had sent him, and then went to find the Air Hog airplane we bought also, but by the time Josh had his not-so-little hands on the computer game he didn’t want anything else!!! He was on cloud nine!!!!! I talked to him last night and he was SSSSOOOOOO excited!!!

My dad has now invested the help of his postman to search for the lost package
it’s MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – (without Tom Cruise!!)


Date Night!! July 10, 2007

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So, Tony gets it in his head that he needs to be all macho and show me up at the bowling alley. Men are very funny and very sensitive about this, so I humbly agreed.
So we go to the local bowling alley, it’s a nice place, smoke free and pretty calm most of the time, so off we go! We get there and he thinks he’s doing good, first game, he wins – but only by 9 pins. So we start the second game and – well I just don’t win, I wipe the floor with him – winning by a mere 57 pins….. That should have concluded our night of bowling…but now, the male ego raised his ugly head, and the demon within shouts – ONE MORE GAME…
Actually he asked me, and quite nicely, but that doesn’t sound near as interesting as the other phrase…SO – I said yes…one more game. I was starting to get tired, but I thought I’d be alright. Well, let me tell you, I lost…not just lost but lost so horrible I refuse to give you the score!!
See like about a month ago, I dislocated my shoulder, and although I feel alright most of the time, the bowling didn’t agree with me and after the 2nd game, I couldn’t hardly lift the ball, so I threw many many gutter balls and didn’t knock over many pins.. Sunday I could hardly play the piano and yesterday it took all I could to type at the computer…
Lets just say Advil and I are best friends right now!!! I will say, although Tony thinks he won, my average was still 4 pins more than his – injured arm and all.
Here are some pretty pictures of Tony and the cool cosmic bowling – neon lights and all!!!


Going a little "postal" July 3, 2007

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Maybe I am a little bitter today, I think the post office is in theory a great idea, someone sends something from, say Maine to Arizona, they put a little itty bitty stamp on it and *poof* it disappears into a pretty blue box and it miraculously appears at the home of great auntie Thelma! See how simple? Yeah, well never happens that way with me.
Josh is in Ohio, was there for his birthday, I, in my wisdom, did not shop for his birthday prior to him leaving. I decided, rather, to send a “birthday in a box” a thoughtful and exciting idea that came to me in the shower one morning. So I bought the gifts, wrapped them, bought a cool balloon (actually Tony bought it – credit due to the man!) and some other things and placed everything lovingly in a box, so that when it was opened the balloon would *POP* out and it would be SO cool. So I packaged it up, put a great big sign on the top that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH – his name on the label and shipped it out. That was on a Tuesday – on Saturday I got it back!!! YEAH ME!!! NOT. It came back because the nutty postmaster in my mom’s town refused to even see if it belonged to someone at their house, but because it had Josh’s name and not my moms…it was returned.
So, back to the post office I go – a little more irritated – re-did the address to my dad work address, put the nifty c/o on there and shipped out again. It’s now been a week and Josh STILL hasn’t received the present. He’s waiting…not so patiently, but he’s waiting.
I think I finally understand why all those people that work for the U.S. Post Office go into rages and knock off all their coworkers…it’s not because they are unhappy with their job or wages, it isn’t because of the funny little outfits they wear, or because they have drive from the wrong side of the road….it’s all a scam and they know it, the whole thing, the entire U.S. Postal system is a joke, and we have bought into, the reality of that, the knowledge that they have been lied to, and deceived – it sends people off the deep end….
I am ready to go down there and give them a piece of my mind – ha ha!