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Happy Birthday Jesus December 27, 2006

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Every year on Christmas morning, we like every other red-blooded American, would awaken at the crack of dawn and rush into the living room. Eyes red, with that little crusty eye stuff hanging on, wrinkled pj’s and all, we would sit down eagerly to see what the magical day would bring to us. Was it a new radio? A tie? A new set of golf clubs?? Toys, toys, toys?? Oh the anticipation…then *POOF* it was over…the exhausting last few weeks come to an end and all is well with the world…and you start planning for next year!! This year was a bit different for us…

The kids and I had a conversation and decided about 2 weeks before “the day” that we would postpone Christmas for a few days to wait for the arrival of the grandparents… Well, that idea gave way to another idea, and I suggested that it would be an even better idea if we dedicated every Christmas day to Jesus, to make it truly His birthday, and open gifts on another day entirely. I held my breath and waited to see how this would go over…

It’s amazing when you see the heart of a child. I love that my kids love God, and that they want to serve him. Abbie looked at me yesterday with her beautiful eyes and says she liked not having all the presents on Christmas day because it gave Jesus his very own day and her something to look forward too after that. I think my idea was accepted…even Joshua likes the idea now..

I told Tony last night as we finished wrapping the last few things that I was proud of our kids, not one time did they ask to open something on Christmas day, not once did they bug me with “is it time yet?”…

Thank you Lord for kids that will glorify you first.
But don’t worry, but tomorrow night, they will be ready to tear in to a gift or two!!

Happy Birthday Jesus….


A Really Merry Christmas December 21, 2006

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This year our office decided to forego the usual gift exchange and reach out to the community. After calling around a bit, we settled on two senior citizens and two teenagers that live at the teen crisis center for pregnant or young mothers. Every year the city gives us gift certificates for a local grocery store, so off we went with FREE MONEY to buy lots of “stuff”. Now, I am a little obsessive about Christmas- so I had a REALLY good time buy goodies and treats for everyone. We made some beautiful baskets up and took them to the senior center yesterday. The two seniors don’t have any family in the area, so it was a pleasure bringing them something special, and reminding them that someone was thinking of them this year at Christmas. Today we went to teen home, this home is set up for pregnant teens to come to, it teaches them to be moms and decent people. It was amazing to see their homes and listen to a 15 year old mom (of a 4 month old) talk about how that she was going to graduate high school and show everyone she can do it, and then go on to get her PhD (she was a rape victim)…I wanted to cry. It was so neat that we were able to give something to them, instead of being selfish and only wanting something for ourselves. I think everyone should do that at least once, just make a basket and take it to someone and tell them you care. How many people could we reach if we stopped being self centered, self serving people.

It will be a very merry Christmas!


DECK THE HALLS!! December 18, 2006

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T-minus 7 days and counting!!!! The kids are excited, Tony is trying to snoop at his gifts, I am shooing him off, and it’s still 70 degrees outside…ah, the holdiays are upon us!
We are celebrating Christmas a few days late this year, as we await the arrival of some special guests, so our actual Christmas will not take place until Thursday of next week. I have thought much about it, and in all seriousness it may be a very good thing, as we can dedicate the entire day to what Christmas is all about, the birth of Jesus, and instead of thinking of ourselves on that day, we will be able to think of Him and what we can give Him! I have plans to make gifts to give Jesus on that day. Perhaps this will be the start of a new tradition for our family.

It’s the Holiday Season December 16, 2006

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‘Tis the season to be jolly!!!

We are getting ready for Christmas, and have been out with the throngs of other people crazy enough to brave the crowds, lines and hustle and bustle…amazingly enough it’s not that bad today! The usually grinch-like attitudes havn’t emerged as of yet, at least not here. Although the 72 degree weather may add to peoples delight….it certainly can’t hurt! Even the cashiers at the check out have a smile!! AMAZING!!

So, to start my Christmas blog-a-thon, sure to be followed by pictures of our tree (complete with a train around it) and the gifts and so on, here are some pictures of my 2 favorite elves!


The Perils of Childhood…..part one December 13, 2006

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I woke up late this morning and therefore everyone else did also. So as we do a “mad dash” to get everyone out the door by 7:15am and off to school and work, I am in the bathroom doing my hair…la la la….I suddenly hear a pounding on the door…I go to open it and there is Abbie, tears pouring down her cheeks… I am rather startled, “Abbie, what is it honey?” Expecting to hear some horrible thing her brother did, or that she fell…instead she says……”I…(sob)…can’t (whimper) find…(whine) the…(sob) scissors…(whimper sob) to…open….the (sob) Rice Krispies…….” Now, it’s very hard not to laugh at her, or at the very least smile, but because of her obvious distress, I remember who the mom is and say, “honey, don’t worry about i, just go make a piece of toast, we have to hurry….. ” …needless to say, she ate her toast in the car on the way to school. Although I still can’t figure out why it took her 20 mins to realize she couldn’t open the cereal, and why it took another 10 mins to come and tell me about it…we successfully got her and Josh off to school! YEA! Hopefully dinner will be less eventful!


Welcome one and all! December 12, 2006

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Welcome to our site!!! I have never “blogged” before…I don’t know all that blogging involves, but I hear it can be quite addicting. I will try not to overload everyone with obsessive nonsense about our lives, while trying to keep you update on what is really important – i.e. THE KIDS!!!! I know very few people care what Tony and I are doing, but always say, “so how are the kids….” so it is easy to see who is first and foremost on their minds!!!
To get you started, here is the latest on mini’s:

Joshua is in the 10 year old/4th grade – he loves math, history and reading. He is also in the school chorus and our personal science geek. Today he wants to be an FBI agent when we grows up, but who knows what tomorrow will bring! He is the worlds best big brother, and I do not say that lightly, I have learned much from how he treats others, mainly his baby sis!!

Abbie – our almost 8 year old/ 2nd grader is our actress & drama queen….she loves reading and writing, and pretty much anything to do with school. She is in ALPHA (for talented and gifted children), and loves horses (she is just sure Santa will bring her one for Christmas this year!!) She wants to be a horseback rider/veterinarian when she grows up!

This year Abbie decided she wants to believe in Santa – this is the girl that told her entire Kindergarten class that Santa wasn’t real and broke all their hearts!! So we are playing it up for her this year…we even mailed letters out from Santa to Josh and her! Now Josh isn’t quite sure what to make of it all, I think somewhere deep inside he really wants to believe, but he also knows St Nick was a guy somewhere in Europe that made toys for all the kids in his town!!!
Ah, the dilemmas of a child!!!

We also have another “child” – a 3 month old cockatiel named Noah – I am convinced he is the most spoiled and biggest baby of the family, and demands out attention at all times if we are in the house. Tony doesn’t care for him TOO much, although he manages to tollerate him….he is my baby!!! (Don’t tell the kids that, they think we bought him for them….hee hee…nope! He’s mine!!)